ScreenPlay (1991. 3. - 1994. 12.)

Object-Oriented Visual Programming System. ScreenPlay supports the interface for automatic programming and obj ect managements for the users to visual programming with the knowle dge representation languages

Concept Programming System (1992. 8. - 1993. 1 2.)

This defines the concept programming languages for the concept representation with the natural language form and compiles the concepts by using the semantic networks and concept dictionary as the knowledge bases.

Visual Query Language System (1993. 8. - 1995. 1.)

This system supports the new paradigm of visual query language and retrieval environment. An user that do not know the physical data- base models or schemas can query the data in this environment. Therefore an user can learn the query easily and retrieve the a- ccurate information about the structures of databases.

VCL - Visual Command Language (1992. 8. - 199 4. 12.)

This provides the environment in which the user can represent the command on the basis of the icon array and use both the direct ma- nipulation and the visual languages. Therefore This keeps the simplicity of the existing command langu- ages and is easy to extend it.

HITE - Groupware for Cooperative Work (1993. 1 2. - )

HITE(Human Interactive Total Environment) is the object-oriented visual interface for the cooperative work that provides the concu- rrency control for the shared windows and data, and floor control.

Cooperative Visual Programming System (1994. 3 . - )

This creates and maintaines the object-oriented visual program by using the information about shared object in the object-oriented shared interface.

MuX_Mas (1995. 3. - )

Multimedia Approval System based on MuX. This is a distributed multimedia approval system that produces multimedia documents and delivers that to registants. This system supports multimedia information retrieval, real-time/ non-real-time communication of these data, multimedia synchronization, human oriented interfaces. The charicteristic of this system is that it can replay document briefing procedure in approval decision time by presenting workflow of briefing through text,graphics,audio, video and so on. This system can be used in office automation widely.

Joint Conference on Object-Oriented Visual Programming Environment ( 1993. 1. )

Object-Oriented Visual Programming System ( KNU )

Distributed Object Server ( AJU )

Intelligent Object Library Management System ( SNU )

The Mini Workshop on Visual Languages and Systems ( 1993. 11. )

Coscript : Visual Script on Multimedia Data Processing Dr. DongHo Song, Artificial Intelligence Lab., ETRI

TCL : Introduction of Tool Command Language DongHyun Lee, Artificial Intelligence Lab., ETRI

The Semantic Relation on Visual Languages Prof. HyuckChul Kyun, Dept. of Computer Science, Pusan National University

ScreenPlay : Object-Oriented Visual Language and Programming System Prof. Sangwook Kim, Dept. of Computer Science, Kyungpook National University

'95 Conference on the 2nd KISS Youngnam Branch ( 1995. 2. )

"A Participant Management using the Augmented B+-Tree in Groupware"

"A Concurrency Control of Interface in Multimedia Groupware"

'95 Conference on HCI ( 1995. 2. )

"A Hypermedia System without Navigation"

The 22nd KISS Spring Conference ( 1995. 4 )

"A Management of Collaborative Work with Human Behavior in Grupware"

"A Collaborative Text Editor in Multimedia Groupware"

"A Concurrency Control Based on the Semantics of Operation in HITE System"

The 9th Cognitive Science ( 1995. 5 )

"A Participant Management of Collaborative Works in Distributed Multimedia System"

"A Multimedia Groupware for Individual Work"

The 1st Joint Conference Intelligent Technology ( 1995. 7. )

"Multimedia Message Delivery in Groupware"

'95 MuX User Group Workshop ( 1995. 9. )

The '95 Programming Languages Conference ( 1995. 10 )

"A Collaborative Visual Programming Language"

The 22nd KISS Fall Conference ( 1995. 10 )

"A Management of Work-Flow in Groupware"

"An Interactive Multimedia Approval System"

"A Management of Audio/Video using Multi-threads in Groupware"

The 1st Confernece on Engineering Design Technology ( 1995. 11 )

"Multimedia Message Delivery in Distributed Environment"

VIOLA - VISUAL Object-oriented Languages for multimedia Applications (1996. 2 . - )

The VIOLA system supports visual development of retrieval multimedia application system based in CORBA. The VIOLA system also supports a Visual Programming Tool generating user interface for Retrieval Service. Currently a Visual programming Tool provides the workspace which user can design User Interface by icon, the Icon Interpreter which compiles and transfers program to ISL(Icon Script Languages) and the Code Generator which transfers ISL to HTML code for distributed multimedia environment. A Visual Programming Tool will extends Code Generator to generate any type of User Interface. This is applicable to VOD.

Distributed Control Engine for Collaboration (1996.4 - )

This is a distributed Control Engine for Collaboration. The System is Distributed Control Engine for Sharing application effectively in the distributed environment. Distributed Control Engine shares applications and software development tools using homogeneous client/server engine in the distributed computing environment. Distributed Control Engine can access requested applications dynamically referencing tables, and access other sites' applications easily using referenced application information in the reference table. The system extends the influence of department of collaborative programming using collaborative object, of groupware, and of industry needed distributed control technology. It's applicable to software engineering and information engineering.

Workflow description Visual Languages and Management System (1996. 6 . - 1997. 4)

The system supports the optimization of business process by multimedia information and information superhighway. The system consists of Visual Design Tool and Manager. Using Visual Language, the Design Tool supports description of business process, which consists of task description part for task definition and flow description part for tasks dependency. The Visual Languages to be used is a iconic representation of conceptual entities and operation for Workflow. The Manager supports scheduling and monitoring of tasks. Application areas of the system are multimedia approval, healthcare supporting, trading and etc.

'97 Conference on HCI (1997. 2. 18 ~ 20)

Sangwook Kim, Kyungae Cha, Jooseong Lim, Kihyun Kim "Visual Animation Language for 3D Motion Control" Proceedings of '97 HCI,Korea,Vol.6,No.1,pp.42-47 February, 1997.

Woonyon Kim, Hojun Park, Sangwook Kim "Concept-based Interpreter for Workflow Script Language" Proceedings of '97 HCI,Korea,Vol.6,No.1,pp.143-148 February, 1997.

Sangwook Kim, Jihyun Kwak, Sujin Ban "Dynamic Visual Interface Language" Proceedings of '97 HCI,Korea,Vol.6,No.1,pp.185-188 February, 1997.

Kyungdeok Kim, Sangwook Kim "Visual Language supporting Workflow" Proceedings of '97 HCI,Korea,Vol.6,No.1,pp.189-194 February, 1997.

KISS(of YOUNGNAM area) conference on February (1997. 2. 21)

Sangwook Kim, Wonho Lee, Hyunju Kim, Heesun Kim, Jubyung Oh "Application-View Sharing" Proceedings of the 4th KISS Youngnam Branch Conference,Vol.4,No.1,pp.5-8 February 21, 1997.

Sangwook Kim, Boeseok Park, Heejin Hang, Doohyun Kim "Selection Mechanism of Pivot Objects in MuX" proceedings of the 4th KISS Youngnam Branch Conference,Vol.4,No.1,pp.9-12 February 21, 1997.

The 24th KISS Spring Conference (1997. 4. 25)

Sangwook Kim, Boeseok Park, Heejin Jang, Doohyun Kim "Selection Mechanism of Pivot Objects in MuX" proceedings of the 24th KISS Spring Conference, April 25, 1997

The Monitor System for Network Security : JiSA(Java-based information Security Agent) (1997. 5. 15 -)

Monitor system for network security is constructed with supporting intuitive and active monitoring for administrator. It helps to determine security violation by allowing administrator to analysis security related data easily and usefully. A development for this system includes domain editor, policy editor for security related data, multimedia presentation and communication with network security system via messages.

The 4th Workshop on RODEO Project (1997. 5. 15 ~ 16)

The 9th Multimedia Industrial Technique Conference(KIPS) (1997. 6. 29)

Jihyun Kwak, Sujin Ban, Sangwook Kim, Changsik Cho "Multimedia Retrieval using Intuitive Visual Language" proceedings of the 9th Multimedia Industrial Technique Conference, pp. 33-36, June 26, 1997

Sangwook Kim, Youngsook Kwen "Work State Transition Algorithm in Distributed Multimedia Workflow System" proceedings of the 9th Multimedia Industrial Technique Conference, pp. 52-55, June 26, 1997

Sangwook Kim, Heejin Jang, Boseok Park, Jeonghyun Park "Interactive Monitoring Approach for Network Security" proceedings of the 9th Multimedia Industrial Technique Conference, pp. 56-59, June 26, 1997

The 24th KISS Fall Conference on October (1997. 10. 24~25)

Sangwook Kim, Hyunju Kim, Heesun Kim, Chunkun Ahan, Wonho Lee, Suyoung Bae, Jubyung Oh, "Distributed Control Engine for T.Share based Collaboration," proceedings of the 24th KISS Fall Conference, pp. 139-142, October 25, 1997

Sangwook Kim, Jusung Lim, Kyungae Cha, Kihyun Kim, "Visual Animation Language based on Constraints," proceedings of the 24th KISS Fall Conference, pp. 309-312, October 25, 1997

Sangwook Kim, Heejin Jang, Boseok Park, "Multimedia Monitor System for Computer Network Security," proceedings of the 24th KISS Fall Conference, pp. 369-372, October 25, 1997

The 10th Multimedia Industrial Technique Conference(KIPS) (1997. 11. 14 ~ 15)

Kyungdeok Kim, Sangwook Kim "Dynamics of Visual Language" proceedings of the 10th Multimedia Industrial Technique Conference, pp. 250-253, November 14-15, 1997.

Jihyun Kwak, Sangwook Kim "Multimedia Query for Information Retrieval" proceedings of the 10th Multimedia Industrial Technique Conference, pp. 310-313, November 14-15, 1997.

3D Character Animation User Interface Based on Visual Script (1997. 2. ~ 1998.10.)

In animating virtual character, it is necessary to provide an interface that allow users specify characters motion with high-level concepts as well as low-level details. And it will be convenient to user if the system provide an animation agent that process various tasks for animation. We have developed Visual Script that controls behaviors and actions of virtual character automatically. Visual script is the gestures with mouse which describe characters motion visually. It is represented the path of motion, the type of motion and the time of performing actions and so on. So with Visual Script a user can make an animation scenario without tedious detail for control degree of freedom.

A Platform System for Remote Collaborative Experiment (1997. 12. ~ 1998. 11.)

This project is concerned with the development of a platform for remote collaborative experimental systems. This platform consists of basic function layer, collaboration environment and experimental environment. Basic layer supports some fundamental functions for collaboration such that communication abstraction, session management, multimedia management, user management and etc. Collaboration environment provides basic collaboration components which are white-board, chatting, multimedia conference and etc. Experimental environment provides basic collaborative experimental components which are remote instruments manipulation, remote data visualization, experimental application sharing, notebook and etc. A system developer can make a remote collaborative experimental system by composing these components and add the application to the component set for reuse. This platform supports total environments for remote collaborative experiment and can be used as infrastructure to all kinds of collaborative systems.

'97ConCERTs Anti-intrusion Workshop (1997. 11. 26 ~ 27)

DMIF Consumer Function Research ( 1998. 8. - )

This research aids at the study for re-composition of transferred multimedia data and processing user-interactions to the recomposed multimedia object. The System is based on the first part of the standard for MPEG-4, system and the sixth part, DMIF. It is divided into compositor and presenter. The compositor receives, parses and translates the primitive streams comply with the format defined in MPEG-4 and composes video/audio scenes. The Presenter uses DirectX, Microsoft's software development toolkit, displays the translated scene.

HCI '98 on Conference (1998. 2. 18 ~ 20)

"Agent for 3D Animation" Sangwook Kim and Kyungae Cha

"Dynamic Visual Language for Collaborative Interaction" Kyungdeok Kim and Sangwook Kim

"Character Animation Interface based on Visual Script," Jooseong Lim, Kyungae Cha, Kihyun Kim, and Sangwook Kim

'98 KISS Spring Confenence (1998.4.24 ~ 25)

"Visual Audit Mechanism for Computer Network Security" Heejin Jan and Sangwook Kim,

"Security of Remote Objects Using digital Signature" Boseok Park and Sangwook Kim.

"Mobile Agent Based Workflow System" Sangwook Kim and Youngsook Kwon

"Supporting Cooperative Work by Event Sharing between Applications" Heesun Kim, Wonho Lee, Sungdong Kwon, Suyoung Bae, and Sangwook Kim,

"Synchronization for Human Motion Animation" Kihyun Kim and Sangwook Kim,

"Session Menagement of Multimedia Groupware by Work Mode" Jeongmi Kim and Sangwook Kim,

"MHEG-6 Engine supporting 3D Interaction" Sangwook Kim, Jihyun Kwak, Kunwoo Kim, Youngwoo Jung, and SangKil Choi.

"The Design for Mobile Interface Agent Framework" Jungeun Cho, Wonkook Kim, Sangwook Kim,

'98 Symposium on Information Security (1998. 5. 13 ~ 14)

Seminar on Electronic Commerce in KNU (1998. 5. 18)

"Electronic Commerce and XML" Sangwook Kim and Jihyun Kwak

KRNET '98 : 6th Computer Networking Conference (1998. 6.29 ~ 7. 2)

NETSEC-KR '98 : The 4th Network Security Workshop-Korea (1998. 6. 30 ~ 7. 1)

Seminar on Electronic Commerce (1998. 6. 22)

DMS '98 : The Fifth Pacific Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Systems ( 1998. 7.23 ~ 25 )

"Visual Language Supporting Collaborative Interaction" Kyungdeok Kim and Sangwook Kim

"3D Animation using Visual Script Language" Sangwook Kim, Kyungae Cha, and Mansoo Kim

'98 WISC : Workshop Information Security and Code (1998. 9. 11 ~ 12)

'98 Programming Language Fall Conference (1998.9.25 ~ 26)

"A Collaborative Visual Language and Compiling," Kyungdeok Kim and Sangwook Kim,

"FIPA Agent Communication Language Parser and Generator," Jungeun Cho, Wonkook Kim, and Sangwook Kim,

The 25th KISS Fall Conference on October (1998. 10. 30 ~ 31)

"Development of Remote Collaborative Experimental System," Sangwook Kim, Jeongmi Kim, and Woonyoun Kim,

"Multimedia Presentation Engine based on MPEG-4," Sangwook Kim, Heesun Kim, Kyungae Kim, Sundong Kwon, Suyoung Bae, Youngwoo Jung, and SangKil Choi,

"Visual XML Editor Supporting Integrated Editing Environment," Sangwook Kim, Kunwoo Kim, Sangkil Choi, Youngwoo Jung, and Jihyun Kwak,

"Realtime Network Security System using JNI," Sangwook Kim, Kunwoo Kim, HeeJin Jang, and Boseok Park,

"ACL based Mobile Agent Framework," Sangwook Kim, Jungeun Cho, and Wonkook Kim,

The 2th Electronic Commerce Workshop (1998. 10. 21)

"Electronic Shopping Mall Establishment" Prof. Sangwook Kim.

The 12th Industry-University-Institute Multimedia Technique Conference (1998. 11. 13 ~ 14)

"Development of Remote Experimental System supporting Reality" Woonyoun Kim, Jeongmi Kim, Sangwook Kim, Jin Min, and Jongkyung Sonn,

'98 CONSERT Anti-Intrusion Workshop & KISEC Workshop (1998. 11. 26 ~ 27)

'98 The Best Paper on Contest for Information Security (1998. 12. 12)

Boseok. Park is winner at this contest.

"Encipherment of Object Attribute for Secure Code Mobility" Boseok Park, Heejin Jang, Gunwoo Kim, and Sangwook Kim.

HCI '99 on Conference (1999. 2. 3 ~ 5)

"HUMOA " Sangwook Kim, Kyungae Cha

"MPEG-4 : Scene Composition and Presentation" Sangwook Kim, Youngwoo Jung, Sangkil Choi, Sungdong Kwon, Suyoung Bae, Heesun Kim, Kyungae Cha

"Interaction Design on ITV System " Kyungdeok Kim, Sangwook Kim, Jihyun Kwak, Wonkuk Kim, YoungKyung Shin

"Animation Authoring Tool For Motion Control" Kihyun Kim, Sangwook Kim

'99 KISS Spring Conference (1999.4.23 ~ 24)

"MPEG-4 Scene Composition on DMIF" Sungdong Kwon, Jungwoo Jung, Sangwook Kim, Bumsik Lee and DongHae Chi

"MPEG-4 2 Dimension Scene Presentation" Suyoung Bae, Kyungae Cha, Sangwook Kim, Okkee Min and DongHae Chi

"Video Rendering in a MPEG-4 Presentation System" Sangkil Choi, Heesun Kim, Sangwook Kim, Kwanghee Lee and Donghae Chi

"Development of Media Player for Intelligent TV" Sangwook Kim, Yongkyung Shin, KyungDeok Kim, YunJu Lee, Wonkook Kim, Eunju Oh,Yunsook Jin, Pyoungsoo Ma and Kusang Shin.

"Hierarchical Security Maintenance in Large Network" Gunwoo Kim, Heejin Jang, Boseok Park and Sangwook Kim

"Korean Sign Language Education System" Donghoon Lee and Sangwook Kim

'99 Korea Multimedia Society Spring Conference (1999.5.28 ~ 29)

"Visual Language for Synchronizing 3D Animation" Kyungae Cha, Jooseong Lim, Mansoo Kim, Sangwook Kim

"A Buffer Model of MPEG-4 Presenter on Digital TV" S. Kim, Y. Shin, W. Kim, Y. Lee, K. Kim, Y. Jin*, P. Mah*, and G. Shin* Department of Computer Science, KNU / ETRI*

'99 Multimedia Presentation Technology Research Workshop (1999.6.11 ~ 12)

DMS '99 : The sixth Pacific Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Systems ( 1999. 7.26 ~ 28 )

"Multiuser Interface Management for Application-View Sharing in Heterogeneous Environment" Heesun Kim and Sangwook Kim,

'99 Programming Language Fall Conference (1999.9.10 ~ 11)

"Group coordination Language for Groupware" Sangwook Kim and Woonyon Kim,

"Visual Language for MPEG-4 Contents authoring" KyungDeok Kim, and Sangwook Kim,

'99 Kyungju Character EXPO (1999.10.16 ~ 25)

Ghost Dog Exhibition

The 26th KISS Fall Conference on October (1999. 10. 22 ~ 23)

"Illegal User Identification Using Trace Mechanism," Sangwook Kim, Boseok Park, Heejin Jang, Gunwoo Kim, Junghyun Park, and Cheho Lim,

" Data control in 3D View Sharing" Kihyun Kim and Sangwook Kim.

" The MPEG-4 Media Presenter for QoS Inprovement" Sangwook Kim, Yongkyung Shin, Wonkuk Kim, Yunju Lee, P. Mah, and G. Shin

" MPEG-4 Contents Authoring Tool" Sangwook Kim, Kyungae Cha, Heesun Kim , Suyoung Bae, Okkee Min and DongHae Chi

'99 Internet Business and Shopping Mall Workshop (1999. 11. 3)

'99 The 4th Annual Joint Workshop (1999. 11. 18~22)

"MPEG-4 Player Using DirectX" S Kim, S Bae, S Kwon, Y Jung, K Cha, S Choi, H Kim, D Chi, K Lee

"A Virtual System for Monitoring Intruder" Sangwook Kim, Heejin Jang, Boseok Park, Gunwoo Kim, Junghyun Park, Chaeho Lim

'99 Multimedia Presentation Technology Research Workshop (1999. 12. 3 ~ 4)

HCI '2000 on Conference (2000. 1. 24 ~ 26)

Kyungae Cha, Heesun Kim and Sangwook Kim "MPEG-4 contents Authoring Tool and Player"

S. Kim, Y. Lee, W. Kim, Y. Shin, P. Mah and G. Shin "Evelopment of the MPEG-4 Presenter on RTOS"

'2000 27th KISS Spring Conference (2000.4.28 ~ 29)

Yunju Lee and Sangwook Kim "MPEG-4 Real-time Rendering on ITV System"

Miyoung Kim, Sundong Kwon and Sangwook Kim "MPEG-4 Stream Parser"

Heesun Kim, Kyungae Cha and Sangwook Kim "Real-Time MPEG-4 Scene Update by User interaction"

Hongchul Kim, Gunwoo Kim, Heejin Jang and Sangwook Kim "Intrusion Analysis Using Integrated Log Tree"

Byungwook Song, Boseok Park, Heejin Jang and Sangwook Kim "Agent Back-up Mechanism for Recovery under Integrated System for Computer Network Security"

Donghoon Lee, Gun Lee and Sangwook Kim "Authoring Tool Supporting Behavior-Relation between Object"

The 5th Spring Conference on KOREA MULTIMEDIA SOCIETY (2000.5.26 ~ 27)

The 27th KISS Fall Conference on October (2000. 10. 27 ~ 28)

Heesun Kim, Kyungae Cha, Donghoon-Lee, Sangwook Kim and Kyungdeok Kim "MPEG-4 Content Authring Framework for Digital Broadcasting"

Jihyun Park, Miyoung Kim and Sangwook Kim "Event Management of MPEG-4 Presenter on RealTime O/S

Byungwook Song, Sujeong Min and Sangwook Kim "Component for Animation on Data Structure and Visualization on Algorithm"

The 2000 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (2000. 6. 26 ~ 29)

Yongkyung Shin and Sangwook Kim, "A MPEG-4 Media Presenter on Real-Time OS" Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA June 26-29, 2000

The 16th Annual Computer Security Application Conference (2000. 12. 15 ~ 16)

Heejin Jang and Sangwook Kim, "A self-Extension Monitoring for Security Management" New Orleans, USA December 15-16, 2000

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