square27_bluegreen.gif Computer Languages Section

Language Design and Implementation

  Programming languages and specific language constructs, visual programming languages, integration   with other progamming models, compilation techniques, implementation techniques, storage   management, performance analysis, architectural support, embedded systems

Tools and Environment

  Programming environments, software development tools, application specific developements, debugging   tools, measurement tools

Components and Frameworks

  Evaluations of reusable components, toolkits, application development frameworks, user interface   management systems, architectural principles for reusable components, event-driven architectures,   constraints

Principles and Theory

  Conceptual and semantic models, type systems and type inference, inheritance, delegation, reflection

Concurrent and Distributed Systems

  Models and languages to support concurrent and distributed processing, transaction models,   distributed object architectures, open systems, operating systems, security

Methods and Processes

  Development methods, measurements of impact on productivity, reuse, or quality, specification   techniques, prototyping techniques, debugging and testing issues, management issues, teaching,   technology adoption, metrics, software evolution

Databases and Persistence

  Data models, database-programming language interfaces, persistent programming languages,   implementation techniques, object servers, performance analysis


 square27_bluegreen.gif Multimedia Section

Multimedia Languages

Modeling for Multimedia Objects, Classes and Framework. Multimedia HTML

Multimedia System and Applications

Multimedia Book, Audio/Video Conference, Hypermedia&HyperText, Spatial/Temporal Multimedia

Multimedia Authoring

Collaboration Authoring, VRML, 3D Application, Script Languages

Distributed Multimedia Computing

WorkFlow Application, Remote Medical/Education Computing, Collaborative Visual Programming, Mux Application, Information Super Highway

Human-Computer Interaction(HCI)


  square27_bluegreen.gif Brain-Computation Section

BCI(Brain Computer Interface) technology

Human's Cognitive Processing

The effect of emotion on judgmental forecasting.


 square27_bluegreen.gif Mobile Network Security Section

System/Network Security

System/Network Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Response, Intruder Tracing, Enterprise Security Management, Secure Operating System

Mobile Computing Security

Home Network Security, Mobile Device Security, Multimedia Contents Security

Cryptography Algorithm

Coding Theory, Cryptography Protocol


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